Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There's a few things worth mentioning.
First, and foremost, it should be stated that 
coming out of a hiatus is much harder if not worked on properly.
Secondly, I've come to terms with the rain.
I've pretty much grown to like and appreciate the constant cloud cover.
Third, and probably most important: I'm planning a trip.
If you stay in one place for a remarkable amount of time,
it's assumed you will, at some point, try to flee from it.
That is what my friend and I are doing this summer.
Come July, we're driving to the west coast.
So if you're anywhere between here
 and the coastline of Washington and Oregon state,
please let me know of any enchanted places that I should visit!
And finally, darlings Angela and Danica have tagged me, 
so I will post these soon!
Tell me what you have all been doing.
I need to catch up on lives. 
I've been unbelievably out of the loop.

all photos from Ffffound!


Heart in a cage said...

Lovely photos! The trip sounds really exciting!

Anonymous said...

that was a wonderful post-hiatus post!! beautiful <3

sarah said...

Gorgeous post!!!