Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I could stay here.

I forgot the way things were. How reckless we were.
I forgot what it was like to fall asleep after sunrise.
What it felt like to dream under those rays.

But then I thought of you.

I thought of our horse adventures,
and galloping as fast as we dared through the wide, open fields.

I miss those fields.
They don't have fields like that here.
They killed the wild flowers, and replaced it with concrete.
We've become the animals, and this city is our pen.
I wish we could run free, like we did before.
I wish I could remember what dawn looked like,
what you looked like.
I've forgotten it all.

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photographs by Jonathan Black.


maz in wonderland said...

you are made of stardust, i am sure. your words are beautiful. i can't thank you enough for all your comments and blogger love. it touches my heart, it really does :)
you are so lucky to live in new york also. oh, my dear, and i cannot stop listening to the beautiful music on your blog <33 xxx

Mila said...

your words truly touched my heart.

thank you.