Friday, August 20, 2010

desiring amnesia.

I've been distracted, but I'm not sure by what.
Something is drawing my attention away from what is real,
away from the world in front of me.
Something is filling my head with haze,
a blanket of smog that smothers the senses.
Something doesn't want me to move forward,
but can't keep me in the past.
Something is stopping time,
and I've stopped along with it.

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photos by tang chan.


C. said...

i can definitely relate.

Vera said...

i feel the exact same way, hazy and like smoke. xx

sarahtay said...

good photo picks! x

the tea drinking english rose said...

i know how you're feeling.
one day though at least we know the smog will have to breeze by and all will be clear, sunny and cloudless.
beautiful images.

winter i look forward to thoroughly. but the autumnal time can be a fun 'crispy leafy' adventure in between maybe? and the time to plan for christmas!
have i told you i <3 your blog? i think so! but i'll inform you go!

hugs from england!