Monday, August 15, 2011

the fairest of seasons

opening passage of "The Pillow Book" by Sei Shonagon


amy said...

Your blog is heaven-- in the form of words, and sweet passages, poetic photographs, and enlightening thoughts.

I feel angelic just visiting here.
Stay beautiful.

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Naomi Bulger said...

Absolutely gorgeous, both the words and the images. You have reminded me of a zen story I used to love as a child, called Urashima Taro. There is a magical garden that shows all the seasons and their beauty, in turn. You have inspired me, I'm going to write about it on my blog some time soon, and link back to this beautiful post.

Sarah said...

such beauty in words and photos. and oh yes, i love your photos very much. x

Charlotte said...

i adore these pictures!