Friday, September 12, 2008


Alright, considering how unbelievably terrible my night was, I woke up today in a still less than perfect mood. Thus, I found Edward Gorey's "Amphigorey" series to be appropriate to blog about. His stories and sketches, although somewhat morbid, have an amazing sense of style and humor.
I think everyone should have at least one of the four books on their book shelves to pull down for any of those moody days. 

Anyway, the good part of the night was that I came out of it learning a lesson. And that's all anyone can hope for when they have a bad time, right?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the discovery ! I appreciate sometimes sad and dark readings. They are friends of our chosen lonely moments.

makemoremistakes said...

oooh exactly how i'm feeling. bravo for moodyness.


andrea said...

Edward Gorey yesssss.

(I am a new reader of your blog; I really love your photography! I've linked to you on my blog if that's ok.)

Betsey said...

ooh these are morbid! but seriously fantastic!