Monday, November 10, 2008

C'est si bon.

This is a very random post to compliment the seven random facts tag that one of my favorites, the tea drinking english rose has presented to me. You're right dear, this is a tricky tag! But I'll do my best..

1. I like to write letters of my stream of conscious to all those willing to wait for mail.
2. I think birds are enchanting, but I'm extremely afraid of them.
3. I have insomnia and rarely go to bed before the sun comes up.
4. I get very anxious when things aren't put back in their proper place.
5. I like traveling but I hate leaving a place behind.
6. I'm fascinated by tornados and ghosts. I want to hunt both at some point in my life.
7. I act more like a child now than I did when I actually was one.

And because I am interested to know more, I will tag the lovely Mila of Loveology
Hope your weekends are enchanting, and I will write back to all of you soon. 
Promise, promise.


StickyKitten said...

ooh, i like your blog! pretty pictures!

BlueRing said...

Hello, just visiting ramdom bloggers thoughts and I happen to come across yours, from someone else's who had someone else on their list also and so on.

I rather like your blog, it is a bit of cuteness with sentimental refreshments. No, it is a lot of cuteness.
I too like birds but am too afraid of them, especially the black ones.Oh and I understand you right to the tee about the frustration one feels when things are not put back in it's proper home.
Pretty blog.
That is all.


Alice said...

oh i love the 3d and 4th picture !!

ghost are so scarry !!!

onomatopoeia said...

great images! I feel the same way about birds, I love looking at them, but as soon as they get too close I freak out (just a little bit ;))

Betsey said...

ahhh AMAZING photos