Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you.

She was such a little girl that one did not expect to see
such a look on her small face.
It would have been an old look for a child of twelve, 
and Sara Crewe was only seven.
The fact was, however, that she was always dreaming
and thinking odd things
and could not herself remember any time 
when she had not herself remember any time 
when she had not been thinking about grown-up people
and the world they belonged to.
She felt as if she had lived a long,
long time.

excerpt from A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

today I got to sleep in late, buy new flowers, find new note cards (which have been beautifully displayed above), and give myself a present (a new dress) all tied up in a pretty box and bow.


makemoremistakes said...

Oh these are wonderful and lovely! I do love old vintage-y cards and photos. I especially like the Manhattan map...sigh. I miss new york!!

Hope you're well love.


Mila said...

Gorgeous post!
So sweet and pretty...

Good for you, you gave yourself a nice present. I should do too, maybe today. :)

Have a great week, love!


ryan manning said...

wildly attractive

Amy Elizabeth said...

i love the little princess!

Alice said...

great finds :D i LOVE the mermaid one, beautiful !

Betsey said...

ahh beautiful
i love that old map of new york.
i just gave you an award on my blog, dear!