Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Red Queen

I'll never be through with my Alice obsession.

"How do you like the Queen?" said the Cat in a low voice.
"Not at all," said Alice: "she's so extremely-"
Just then she noticed that 
the Queen was close behind her, listening:
so she went on "-likely to win, 
that it's hardly worth while finishing the game."
The Queen smiled and passed on.
"Who are you talking to?" said the King, coming up to Alice,
and looking at the Cat's head with great curiousity.
"It's a friend of mine- a Cheshire-Cat," said Alice:
"allow me to introduce it."
"I don't like the look of it at all," said the King:
"however, it may kiss my hand, if it likes."
"I'd rather not," the Cat remarked.
"Don't be impertinent," said the King, and don't look at me like that!"
He got behind Alice as he spoke.
"A cat may look at a king," said Alice.
"I've read that in some book, but I don't remember where."
"Well, it must be removed," said the King very decidedly; 
and he called to the Queen, who was passing at the moment,
"My dear! I wish you would have this cat removed!"
The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small.
"Off with his head!" she said without even looking round.

excerpt from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll
All photographs by Rengim Mutevellioglu


SophieKowalski said...

Oooh Wonderful post!
The photos and above all the text from Alice!I like so much this part!
I can't wait for the Tim Burton's movie!
Don't you?

Mieux Que La Vie said...

I love this post. Alice was always one of my favourite tales, along with Hansel & Gretel. So great.

Laura said...

These photos are great! Love the way you combine pictures with stories. I really like your blog!

And Alice In Wonderland is just one of my all time favourite stories.

Anonymous said...

im obsessed with alice too! can't wait for tim burton's version of the fairy tale. theres just so many good quotes you can take from the book.

K. Sundari said...

I have just reread the original Alice. I only ever knew the Disney version when I was younger, and I enjoy both. I have an Alice in Wonderland soundtrack vinyl!

Btw I love the photos included in here, so surreal and beautiful. Love it.