Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Odds and Ends of Everything. Middle of Somewhere Part Four.

These, my dears, are the last photos of the series.
They are mostly straight forward landscapes, 
because as the journey carried on,
I found myself perfectly content with just enjoying the ride.

Middle of Yellowstone.
Middle of the Lake.
Middle of the dead.
Middle of the living.
Middle of the secret cove.
Middle of the Glacier Pass.
Middle of the Mountain Pass.
Middle of Wyoming.
Middle of Mt. Rushmore.
Middle of Montana.
Middle of South Dakota.
Middle of the journey home.


Heart in a cage said...

Great! I wish I could make a roadtrip through the US right now..;)

Freya said...

Oh my gosh, that photo from the "midde of secret cove" is amazing! So dreamy and so well captured.

Emerson Merrick said...

oh man. I've wantrd to go to mt rushmore ever i was 11 and saw north by north west for the first time. Jealous!!