Monday, October 26, 2009

half moon, full craze.

Sooo, I know.
It's been a few weeks since 
my last shoot.
Being sick, model cancelations,
location issues, blah blah blah.
But today I did exactly what I wanted.
I went to the botanical gardens,
got to lie down in the grass,
surround myself in an enchanted forest,
and shoot little red riding hood's
unhappily ever after.

all photos by me.
can't wait for mischief night.


Freya said...

Oh wow! Wonderful photos! I love the idea for the shoot. Gorgeous red riding hood. :)

Lightning Heart said...

what lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

oh, you look so beautiful dear. the location looks just lovely and magical, you look like you have stepped onto the little red riding hood book ♥

Heart in a cage said...

Great theme! I'm happy you feel better again!;)