Saturday, October 17, 2009

Run amok. amok, amok, amok.

But, of course, those of us who understand life 
couldn't care less about numbers!
I should have liked to begin the story like a fairy tale.
rachel & da creep house by boðk.
I should have liked to say:
"Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet
hardly bigger than he was, and who needed a friend..."
For those who understand life, that would sound much truer.
Goodnight, Goodbye, Goodever. by boðk.
The fact is, I don't want my book to be taken lightly.
Telling these memories is so painful for me.
One Two One by boðk.
It's already been six years since my friend went away, 
taking his sheep with him.
Polio and Earl Grey by boðk.
If I try to describe him here, it's so I won't forget him.
: : : : : by boðk.
It's sad to forget a friend. 
Not everyone has had a friend.
And I might become like the grown-ups who are no longer
interested in anything but numbers.
Which is still another reason why I've bought 
a box of paints and some pencils.
It's hard to go back to drawing, at my age, 
when you've never made any attempts since
the one of a boa from inside and the one of a boa
from the outside, at the age of six!
I'll certainly try to make my portraits as true to life as possible.
Show me how by boðk.
But I'm not entirely sure of succeeding.
One drawing works, and the next no longer bears any resemblance.
Saint Jeez Oh Petes by boðk.
And I'm a little off on his height, too.
In this one the little prince is too tall.
And here he's too short.
And I'm uncertain about the color of his suit.
2. Groves by boðk.
So I grope in one direction and another, as best I can.
In the end, I'm sure to get certain more important details all wrong.
But here you'll have to forgive me.
My friend never explained anything. 
Perhaps he thought I was like himself.
But I, unfortunately, cannot see a sheep through the sides of a crate.

I may be a little like the grown-ups.
I must have grown old.

Excerpt from "The Little Prince" by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
All photos from the lovely little flickr account, boõk.

I'm currently rebelling against myself.
A few days ago, the buyer of my store told me
I was the most scheduled person she ever met.
I haven't quite taken to that idea,
so I've decided to reclaim my youth
and run ramped with it until who knows when.

the end.


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cody said...

love all these pics!!(:
so inspiring.

great blog.

xx cody

makemoremistakes said...

Beautiful. I still haven't read the little prince...I'm not sure why not. Rebelling against yourself is always a needed thing. Have fun lovely.

MoonFlower said...

beautiful!!!! thank you so much for sharing!

Freya said...

I can't pick a favourite out of these photos. No one can put beautiful photos and lovely words together as well as you.