Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i stand corrected

I love my friends more than anything.
I wish we could share more moments like these, 
while were young and wild, 
carefree and reckless.

You've been checking on my facts
And I admit I have been lax
In double screening what I say
It wasn't funny anyway
I stand corrected
I stand corrected
No one cares when you are wrong
But I've been at this far too long
To act like that when we should be
In perfect harmony
I stand corrected
I, oh, I stand corrected
Lord knows I haven't tried 
I'll take my stand on last time
Forget the protocol
I'll take you hand right in mine
I stand corrected
I, oh, I stand corrected

lyrics by Vampire Weekend
Thank you so much to my very, very good friend,
 Marcos Avila, for taking these amazing photos and 
taking this video on a whim. 
Let's do it again, soon, while we remain childlike.


heart in a cage said...

I love the last photo! All the lights are so beautiful in these pictures!

Have a nice weekend!<3

The Owl Diary said...

these photographs are absolutely spectacular. xx

makemoremistakes said...

dude. the combo of these photos and those lyrics makes me miss nyc more than anywhere on the face of the planet. wah wah wahhhhh!

Jane said...

what a nice video!
you're so cute and lively