Saturday, January 16, 2010

in search of my own paradise

Do you still play dress up?
Do you still play make believe?
Will you make believe with me?
Let's make believe that we're all 
in the middle of an abandoned wood.
And we'll all wear dresses that never get dirty,
and our hair will gleam when the sun shines
through the tree branches.
And we'll run, and jump, and whisper 
secrets into the flowers.
Because the flowers won't tell a soul.

This is where I want to be.
And I want to take you with me.


all photos by Tanya.


heart in a cage said...

I wish I could be at that magical place right now.

By the way, I loved the pictures in your previous post!


agnes said...

how i adore this post :)
and i believe in you, wholeheartedly. bring me there. pls.

agnes xx