Saturday, February 6, 2010

the unwanted friend.

Once upon a time,
a young girl found herself lost
in a beautiful enchanted forest.
She walked deeper and deeper
into the wood, until she came upon 
a small, abandoned cabin.

Because she was so chilled 
from the winter air, 
she decided to take shelter 
in the tiny home.
The inside of the cabin 
was completely empty,
except for a collection of porcelain dolls.
The little girl wondered
how anyone could leave such
wonderful toys behind,
and while she warmed up,
she found one doll that she 
loved more than any other.
Suddenly, she heard a sound 
coming from the outside of the cabin.
She went to the window,
but when she looked out,
no one was there.
What she didn't know, 
was that she was being watched.
The entire forest was haunted by 
the ghost of a young girl,
who kept to herself in the center of the wood,
in the cabin of her dolls.

The ghost grew jealous of the little girl,
and became angry when one of the dolls 
was taken from the cabin.
The little girl was still unaware 
of the ghost's presence,
and did not know that taking the doll
would invite the ghost along, too.

So, yes. 
This is a new story.
More to come this weekend!


Mirthe said...

This is really beautiful! Well done!:D

Mila said...

hi darling!

wow, this is really amazing...LOVE it!

i am doing fine, thanks for asking dear. how are you? i hope you are doing great too!


Anonymous said...

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................

jaza said...

I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I loved it. Great story!