Thursday, June 10, 2010

black & white

When time goes by so quickly, it's easy to forget yourself in the past.
I found a box of old letters and journals in the basement last night.
They were in a cardboard box that had been so haphazardly cast aside
in a corner of the dark room.
They contained all of my thoughts and emotions from a time that seemed
almost non-existent, and ancient.
The words themselves had dust on them, but their meaning was
exactly the same as they would be now. They were the same thoughts,
and the same emotions that still run through my head.
Is it me? Have I not changed at all? Or is it you?
There they were, in black and white, the exact same words I had
uttered only days earlier.
How can we have grown so much older, and experienced so much more,
and still be on the exact same page?

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photography by Jasmine Isabel Eckerle and Marcel Singer

1 comment:

Athena. said...

This is so beautiful,
and the photos go perfectly with what your words whisper to my heart.