Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today is my birthday. Today I am twenty two years old.
Today I am putting on a tulle and silk powder blue party dress,
 to be Alice, and parade about with my friends who I hope will be
 E. Scissorhands, Lydia, W. Wonka, and beyond. 
I have one more year before I stop having postcards sent to me, and can send them
myself, from lands far, far away. I think this is going to be a magical year.
I hope that the positives keep staying positive, that my friendships only grow stronger,
 and that I can forever feel young at heart.

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( this is to inspire those attending the fête, because Tim Burton is
the imaginary guest of honor) 

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 photographs by Tim Walker for Harper's Bazaar October 2009


minna ♥ said...

oh what a perfect idea to have a Tim Burton themed party! Happy Birthday dear, I hope you have the most wonderful day & that your party goes well

Robin said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have agreat day!