Friday, April 9, 2010

april showers bring...

wood nymphs and pixie dust,
oh, and rain, of course.
I hear it pitter patter at this very moment..
The flowers are happy, at least.

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"Natural Beauty" by Sophie Delaporte for Vogue China 2006

Hopefully it doesn't rain on the party...


elly said...

wow. these photos are gorgeous! i wish i could be a little wood nymph.
thank you for the lovely words you left me! xxx

Luchie said...

such a beautiful pictures!!

sara said...

these are gorgeous!! what a magical post! thank you so much for the lovely comment-i'm glad you liked the tunes :)

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous! i especially love the one with the shadows on her back :)
thanks so much for your sweet comment