Thursday, April 15, 2010

welcome to the jungle

when we slept in the forest, the known world was far away.
The earth was our mattress, the tree tops our roof.
we ran barefoot in long dresses along the moss covered path, 
and dipped our toes in the slow trickle of a stream.
The stars came out, the mist set in, and dreams became reality.
I miss you.

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photographs by Marcelo Gomes.

Do you attach yourself to certain places? 
Does the scent of a certain flower, or the sound of a favorite song
 trigger a distinct memory?

Does it remind you of someone you love?


Luchie said...

so gorgeous pictures!!

DaughterEarth said...

there's this certain dirt smell in early spring that reminds me of the smell of the jungle - that just brings backs very happy feelings. I love that smell does that. So many smells do that for me!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are gorgeous. Everytime I smell fresh basil I think of this lovely little italian restaurant close to my grandparents' home in Germany. I love that we associate scents with memories or places.