Thursday, April 29, 2010

to be caught in the middle

"He had not overtaken his brothers, but he paused to take breath, and looked back.
He could see the white figures of the girls in the green enclosure whirling about as
they had whirled when he was among them. They seemed to have quite forgotten
him already. All of them, except, perhaps, one. This white figure stood apart by the
hedge alone. From her position he knew it to be the pretty maiden with whom he had not danced.
Trifling as the matter was, he yet instinctively felt that she was hurt by his oversight.
He wished that he had asked her; he wished that he had inquired her name.."

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photography by Ellen Rogers.
excerpt from Tess of the D'urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

Have you ever been pulled in multiple directions at the same time?
When your heart goes one way, and your head goes another?
Why must mine do so now..


Sally said...

whaaaaaat camera is that....those effects are so rad!!!! great photos!

xx come visit!

Eleanor said...

wow these photos are amazing!

great blog

mel said...

these are so amazing! i love the colour and atmosphere..i also love your blog it is so inspirational and amaizng, have followed and added to bloglist

Azz said...

I adore your blog.
Whenever I need beautiful quotes or pictures I come here (: