Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. And not a drop to drink.

I'm not a very superstitious person, but I always feel that the first day of the month is a good indication of how the rest of the month will turn out. If it's a good first day, it will be a good month. Bad first day...you get the idea...

Today I started to move.
I got this lovely package in the mail.
And printed some amazing photos (which I'll post soon!)
Hopefully, you all ad good first days, too!

all paintings by Redon


Anonymous said...

Redon reminds me Dalì.. I quite like those dark paintings. You always know how to choose great paintings. You don't want to be an art director or something like that ?

Anonymous said...

amazing photos and great blog!<3

Betsey said...

ooh beautiful art!
and i just love post secret!


hauntingly beautiful paintings...
Hope you have a smooth move dear!

agnes said...

love how you pair up the outfit post with those inspiring paintings, weird pair but absolutely fantasic.

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh wonderful wonderful.
i hope that this month will be beautiful and christmassy and happy.
and i wish that for everyone and not just for me, as we will all be happy together.

i have given you an award because you are lovely, and your posta and comments make me smile.