Monday, March 22, 2010

a happy monday.

When I started this blog, I really had no direction as to what I posted.
I wrote about things that interested me, which was, most everything.
It's been almost two years, and my blog still has not gone in just one direction.
I discuss art and photography because those are topics that I come 
across on a daily basis. 
I include excerpts from literature and poems because...well, I read all the time.
And I share different fashion collections because I love to express 
myself through what I wear, and love to look at what everyone in New York wears as well!
All of these things are what inspire me, and while I continue
to write this blog, I will incorporate these various subjects!

Anyway, today (and for the next few days, I believe) is dedicated to fashion.
I had the privilege to preview up and coming designer's collections
in the w29 showroom. All of the girls there, especially Amelia, are so nice!
Amelia showed me through the designer's presentations and 
a few really stood out to me.
One of these was Swedish based, Rodebjer.
The pieces, mostly in neutral tones, were so beautifully made.
The laces were extremely delicate and the knits! I wanted to wrap myself in them
right there on the spot. Seriously can't wait to see more of this brand in the future.


These are a few photos from their Spring Collection
And their Fall 2010 lookbook, which is the collection I previewed...
I made some (awful) scans of the lookbook.
They definitely don't do justice to the clothing in person!

Well! I can't wait to share more of this experience with you all!
Hope you had a good weekend!

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