Monday, March 29, 2010

the heart of the woods & what I found there

Have you heard of Katie Gallagher? 
You probably have. You've probably stored the name in the
back of your mind and thought of looking into it on a rainy day.
Well this past Sunday WAS a rainy day, and I just so happened to run
into Ms. Gallagher herself ( it's true. New York really IS that small).
So having her silvery blonde hair imprinted on my brain throughout 
the course of the day, I did some digging.
And now that I know a bit more, I think it's safe to say that 
her designs are anything but an afterthought.

some of her sketches
photos from her spring 2010 collection
This is a photo of her, and models from her show!
more sketches
her fall 2010 collection. 

all photos courtesy of Katie Gallagher's website.

hope you're all having a happy monday!


Hope Chella said...

hahah I took a class with her in college. I remember her vividly based on her makeup alone. It's such a small world and you have a great blog :)

Kitty said...

wow beautiful amazing stuff!