Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide

To the Fantastical World Around You

So yesterday was a pretty normal day. Got back into my routine of roaming around town, coffee run, life chats....
I decided to make a stop in a local art store and found this bit of treasure hiding in the book stand.
I grabbed it and purchased it immediately. Have you seen the movie? Or read the books? If you haven't, then you should.
It's the perfect balance between fantasy and reality thrown into the same world.
I am absolutely in love with this book, but I have plans for it and its future and soon to be new owner.

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the tea drinking english rose said...

wow! what a perfect book!
i have seen the movie and i loved it!
i should really read the books though.

it's great when you randomly find something amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love old books, they have true stories to tell, they have their proper story.

Mila said...

Oh wow, this book looks so amazing. I'll definitely go on a hunt for it! Thanks a lot for the tip.

I also wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog!

Your blog is amazing, such a shame i haven't linked you yet!!

I'll be doing that right now!

Speak to you soon...

<3 Mila.

alis said...

Oh my gosh what a find, is it a very old edition? I must have this book (along with a "house brownie") !

FANTA1985 said...

hi jessica, im simon from Indonesia, i love to read a spiderwick's chronicles, but in my country, they're not publish the fiel guide... i want to buy in amazon, but it's to expensive for me, i'm searching the PDF for free, nothing..
so, i see this blog, i think i have a chance to have this field guide now..
if u dont mind, can u send me the full version like this, i accept scan or anything...

btw, this is my e-mail

i hope u help poor child like me :(
(if u dont mind of course)

thank you very much for read my comment..

-God Bless You-

Jānis Sproģis said...

Well, can someone send me full scan of this book? They don't publish this in my country also? Can you send me it also? Please! my email janissprogis24@gmail.com

Zachary Venzon said...