Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodbye, again.

Things will be pretty hectic for the next few days since I have to get back into my New York schedule. I'm anxious to be back with my real life and be with all of my friends. I'm not a fan of going to places though. The whole transition period bums me out. I just like being in a place, not moving or unpacking. Just being. 

Also, I think it's ironic that I'm waiting to get back to New York to calm down and stop going out so much. Goodbye, summer.


Anonymous said...

We've got the same feeling, but i always loved september for new things which have to come.
Good luck in NY !

Mila said...

Hi love,

Gorgeous pics!
I know exactly how you feel, so many things will happen coming months.

Bye love, everything will be alright. Always.