Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Best

so far. I have a box full of stacks of polaroids. I decided to go through them all and pick out my favorites. I'm going to cry when the day comes that I can't find film any longer. It's the easiest (and probably the most fun) way to create a memory.

1.View from my old apartment.
2. A photo of my mom in the 90s.
3. me and my best friend in new york.
4. St Patrick's Day.
5. View from my friend's apartment stairwell.
6. Ice storm upstate.
7. walkway in east village.
8. I'm not really sure...
9. Waiting for the train in Brooklyn.

(click on photos to see them larger)


makemoremistakes said...

hey girl heyyy. I have no idea where I found the first pic on that post...i googled something and got it. hah. anyway if you wanna email me some pictures to contribute to my little compilation i would love love it! (polaroids count too =))

oh and i am gonna cry too when i can't buy polaroid film anymore...

hope you are well!

Amy Elizabeth said...

Waiting for the L trains seems so much more romantic and beautiful on Polaroid than in real life.

Tomorrow I'll try to close my eyes and imagine a bit more of a magical commute, thanks to you.

Hannah said...

How beautiful. Your blog is lovely, I'm going to sit and go through your archives later :)