Friday, October 3, 2008

72 hours

of nonsense ahead. 
Have to wake up, go to work, go to that show in new jersey, somehow make it back to new york in one piece...go to that party in astoria...ugh.
anyway, did you watch the debate tonight? Sarah Palin, I love how you can talk so much and never really say anything. It's truly amazing. All in all, we have learned that you hate gay people, don't want to take the troops out of Iraq, and love Alaska. I'm so sure we'll be doomed if you are in office.

I found these on the bulletin board in my friend's cafe. 
Which is perfect, because I'm currently undergoing a major obsessive phase with The Little Princess. India, India. Let's play.


Mila said...

I hope you survived all of that darling!

Lovely colourful and happy!


Betsey said...

i love the little princess!
lovely images!