Monday, October 20, 2008

Read Me

"One of the problems with death, for the intellectual classes, is that it leave so many
unfiled and perhaps unwanted papers in its wake. I carefully arranged all my papers-
destroying those I do not want to survive me, organizing for a stranger's eye all others-
and thus prepared to die, at least from an organizational point of view. However
I continued to live, generating more papers, which threatened to survive me in a form
I had not prepared. Therefore I have now made final arrangements, and will live
my remaining days without paper or pencil. It may be that I die for lack of a writing
implement-if I need to send an urgent message to someone for help, for example-but this
statement will remain the last in my file, the first to greet the executors. For all they
know, I am still alive. If so, it is however a paperless existence, and therefore moot
in terms of my legacy."

"Read Me" poem by Damon Krukowski
"SILENT"  photo editorial by Steven Meisel from the August issue of Italian Vogue


makemoremistakes said...

So gorgeous lovely!! You always find good words to go with the pictures, and vice versa.
In response to your last comment, I don't draw that often either, and I love it when I just sit down and something good comes out of my pen.

I hope you're well, and had a wonderful weekend!!


Mila said...


Thanks so much for sharing...

beccajanie said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning and amazingly inspirational