Monday, October 27, 2008

Damsel in Distress?

In the beginning, Beauty was frightened of the Beast,
and shuddered at the sight of it. Then she found that,
in spite of the monster's awful head, her horror of it
was gradually fading as time went by. She had one of the 
finest rooms in the castle, and sat for hours,
embroidering in front of the fire. And the Beast would sit, for
hours on end, only a short distance away, silently gazing at her.
Then it started with a few kind words, till in the end,
Beauty was amazed to discover
that she was actually enjoying its conversation. The days passed,
and Beauty and Beast became good friends.
Then one day, the Beast asked the girl to be his wife.
Taken by surprise, Beauty did not know what to say.

excerpt from "Beauty and the Beast", Grimms Fairy Tales
photos by Kevin Pinardy

I'm in yet another fairy tale phase. 
I'd like nothing more than to post away every story I know,
but I have to go to Boston this week for a photo shoot
which may take time away from here.eep.


the tea drinking english rose said...

your posts have kept me entertained.
i've missed your mystical posts whilst i've been away in the land of sewing.


jane said...

I think Beauty and the Beast is my most favourite fairytale. I love how you choose such mystical, fitting photographs to go along with the words.