Sunday, October 26, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Kenzo's Spring 09 collection
Inspired by Alice in Wonderland
Someone pinch me, please.
The textures, the layers, the colors, the styling.
Everything and more that can be found through the rabbit hole.


onomatopoeia said...

I hadn't seen this before, but it sure is very lovely!

cleolikesyou said...

I just found out about your blog, and I think it's truly amazing. You're definitely gonna be in my lovelyblogslist!

Betsey said...

ooh so lovely!
fyi- i gave you an award on my blog!

IRIS and PIETER said...

wow, great post!
what a lovely designs.
i actually don't like brown and grey colours.
but this is amazing.

makemoremistakes said...

UM. A-mazing. So great. I love the colors and shapes and textures. Yum.

I had an odd weekend- hung out with my ex-boy and partied at a friend from high school's college...I have not had alcohol in a long time so I got pretty drunk, and it was just very blast from the past-ish.

I hope your week is a little more exciting!

Loves and x's and o's

danica said...

So so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, dear :)