Thursday, October 16, 2008

They danced in the street, and we laughed all day.

These are some of the digital test shots I took from Tuesday's shoot.
They can also be found on my flickr account, so please have a look!
When I start printing from the negatives on Monday, I'll happily post them away.
The masks that I used for this shoot were genius, and I've reluctantly handed them over to my store's window displays. 
All is fair for the sake of Halloween!


danica said...

They look fantastic!


.girl ferment. said...

look forward to seeing the film

sarah said...

i really like these photos x


Like u said; geniusss.... & haunting too...
Hope to hear from you again dear...Have a great weekend!!!

the tea drinking english rose said...

thank you sweetheart.
i adore your blog, it makes me feel like i am in fairytale, a fairytale you take me to! so thank you a hundred.
and wow your photoshoot looks amazing, i love the colours of the dresses, so eye catching.

Betsey said...

ahh i LOVE them!

makemoremistakes said...

These are wonderful love. I'm jealous! I want take fun fun photos in such a wonderful place!

Hope you are well!!!


ryan manning said...

i like this blog

a. said...

these are amazing. i love the animal masks, they have a very goldfrapp feel to them. which i simply adore.