Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Middle of the week, First of the month.

Today being the first of the month, I like to organize myself and prepare for the things I have coming up. And amazingly enough, I got a new job at this boutique near washington square park. So the weeks to follow will include but are certainly not limited to: going to a show in new jersey, doing a photo shoot in boston, visiting old friends, ghost hunting in salem, finding the perfect animal masks for a shoot, going to many many halloween parties, and buying a new pair of shoes. 
yay for calendar day.

These photos are from HL Magazine, photographed by Angela Pierce
for more of her work, go to her website:


Nature Grafitti said...

stunning photos
i think i'm in love with the dress in the first photo in the editorial

Betsey said...

i love the last two!

the tea drinking english rose said...

sounds like the perfect month ahead!
i look forward to hearing all about it.

those photos are lovely.