Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emotional Russian Roulette

"She trembled at the sound of the telephone, 
which started ringing just as she was stretching out her hand for the receiver. 
Like many creatures leading an unprotected life, 
she regarded the telephone as her only source of help."
"And as the statue was fond of me into the bargain-fond,
 much too fond really- the whole thing seemed easy, 
agreeable, intoxicating, lasting, and I thought myself an astonishing fellow."
"My poor beautiful darling, my poor, poor beautiful darling. 
These are things that I ought never to tell you! My poor beautiful darling,
 if you only knew how cheated of everything I feel. And then I go and send for you."
"I swear to you, when I first found myself with that rose colored body-
 it was the color of pink wax- in my arms, and that endless mass of hair, 
so long and thick I was almost frightened when it was all spread out in my bed..."
"Politics aren't the only thing I've been warned off.
 You know, in Paris, somehow, the intimacy of married life
 seems to be a very small part of the twenty-four hours."
"All the outfit needs is a dark grey man. But that's an expensive accessory."
"As the clock of the neighboring school tolled the succeeding hours 
she wondered, 'How could I have stood that clock chiming 
the hours and the halves and the quarters all this time? 
I'll never be able to get used to it again. I'll have to move'."
"Everything she did seemed easy and even pleasant, but not entirely satisfying."
"She had lived a great deal among lies, 
before plumping for a small life of her own,
 a sincere and restricted life from which all pretence, 
even in matters sensual, was banished."
"He didn't say I was his Great Love; he'd get it quite clear; 
he said I was the Woman of his Life."
"He'd keep me from ruining myself, or from being taken in, 
People can always ruin themselves again,
 even when they've got nothing."

All quotes from Colette's, "Julie de Carneilhan"

I am having a wonderful weekend.


Jane said...

this is very beautiful, and the music adds to the mood

Heart in a cage said...

Beautiful post!<3

anna said...

What a lovely lovely blog you have.

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

the little stories and excerpts you find are so beautiful. where do you find such lovelies?

Stacy said...

I love the photo of the horse.

setyourselfonfire said...

What a beautiful blog!

I'm so glad i've made this discovery :)

TheMinx said...

what a haunting post. I love that novel, Colette was such an artist with words. Love your blog :)

danica said...

i love this! collette's writing is amazing! glad to hear you're having a great weekend :)

alexandra said...

god, all of your photos are amazing. thanks for posting. glad you had a good weekend! xxx