Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the unhappily ever after.

I don't know if anyone has posted this editorial yet, 
but I felt like sharing it anyway!
This spread was featured in the December issue of Vogue
photographed by Annie Leibovitz and modeled by Coco Rocha.

"She speaks:
O, speak again, bright angel! for thou art
As glorious to this night, being o'er my head
As is a winged messenger of heaven
Unto the white- upturned wondering eyes
Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him
When he bestrides the lazy-pacing clouds
And sails upon the bosom of the air."
"O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.

excerpt from William Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet".


Anonymous said...

i'm reading romeo and juliet write now. i love it! its full of so many potential quotes for a lovely post. its kinda funny, though, because i have a post set up for tomorrow and its a quote from romeo and juliet too. its the queen mab speech that mercutio says.

Anonymous said...

ugh i was typing too fast. i meant to say xoxo. ha.

notebookdoodles said...

i only have one word for this post.. WOW!! love it =)


mai said...

beautiful editorial.
& that dress in the last photo is to die for -that wasn't meant to be a pun-