Tuesday, January 6, 2009

With a ribbon in her hair.

"She had been wearing the bow since the day before. 
It was something she had found herself...
Totto-chan was very proud of the ribbon.
She told him ow she had gone to see her aunt 
and was lucky to find her aunt airing some clothes.
Among them was the old-fashioned, long, purple pleated skirt 
she had worn when she was a schoolgirl. 
As her aunt was putting it away, 
Totto-chan noticed something pretty on it.
The something pretty turned out to be this ribbon
 that was attached to the waistband at the back.
She took some scissors and cut the thread
 attaching it to the skirt and gave it to Totto-chan. 
That was how she got it.
It really was a beautiful ribbon.
It was wide and of very good silk, 
and had roses and all sorts of designs woven into it.
Wide and stiff when it was tied,
 it made a bow as big as Totto-chan's head.
Auntie said the fabric was imported.
While she was speaking, Totto-chan jiggled her head occasionally 
so the headmaster could hear the rustling sound the ribbon made."

excerpt from Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window 
by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi


Endofmarch said...

Wonderful as always...
I like the words and the pictures. They are so dreamy and make me wish it was Summer and I lived in the countryside.

Have a very nice day!


Ashley Goes Vintage said...

this post is lovely

agnes said...

OH MY! this is just soo beautiful. Ribbons, flowers, lovely girls... just like a fairy tale. (love)

P.S thank you soo much for your tag my dear....that's very sweet of you. i am very thankful for that. will do a post on it soon! :)