Sunday, January 4, 2009

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?

I am finally back from my vacations and as the holidays are officially over ( already?), I've no excuse to not be posting! I hope you all had the best of new years, and I wish you to have the happiest time in 2009! I've decided that 2010 will be my life-changing year. I need one more year to prepare myself...

Anyway, the darling Angela has tagged me. To everyone who has tagged me recently: I apologize a million times for being so reluctant to do them! I am very honored that you thought of me though, and will try to get to more in the future!

Love you all!

The Honest Scrap Award: A tag to write ten honest truths about yourself.

1. I secretly love Valentine's Day because
 it's the one holiday that is never predictable for me.
That, and I like sending valentines to everyone I know.
2. Springtime will always depress me.
3. I'm comfortable being alone.
I'm afraid I'll grow up to be a terrible hermit.
3. I only like going to the beach after the sun has set. 
Even though I'm afraid of the dark.
4. I have such a large book collection that I worry where
 I will put it when I move away from New York. 
5. I have a nasty habit of killing every plant I take home with me.
6. Vogue has been my bible since I was twelve years old. 
My mom thinks it's weird that I have kept every issue.
7. I love when I go upstate with my family so I can swim in lakes.
and hopefully not drop my cell phone in one this year...
9. I sometimes wonder how I'll be able to have a successful career in photography. 
By sometimes wonder, I mean always worry.
10. The boy I like will never know how I feel about him.

I will get this award to 


Sprinkle said...

Ooh hello! I just discovered your blog and am very much in love with it. Its so magical and dreamy... <333 Keep it up.

notebookdoodles said...

i was tagged with this too but have yet to do it!! i enjoyed reading this though =)


Saorise said...

This was fun to read :)
Lovely photos!



Jane said...

oh dear
I'm a plant killer too, although I did a course in floristry

Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing pics! Kisses ;)

Mila said...

So lovely, so honest and open.

You are amazing, dear.
Love your list...


danica said...

Thanks for tagging me, Jess! I will do it when I get back to Australia and am on my normal computer. It was lovely reading more about you :)

Anonymous said...