Friday, January 9, 2009


I find myself a little frazzled tonight.
There's a looming awareness of deadlines and time.
A ghost from my past is visiting New York.
And the city itself seems to have stopped moving.
At this awkward stance on a halted life,  I've had a lot of time to think.
As I grow older, I realize my tastes have changed.
And while others grow into their roles of responsibility, 
I become increasingly anxious of following my set schedule.
I can't help but wonder where 2009 will take me.
But maybe, that's how everyone thinks at the dawn of a new year.
Either way, I know I can't hide from the world forever.
I might not always have a smile on my face, 
but I'm sure that life this year will bring many surprises, schedules and all.


essa stessa said...

Hello Jess,
my name is séverine ,i'm french and i 've just discovered your blog , i love it
this post is truly touching ,i wish you the best for this new year !

Betsey said...

lovely photos :)
i know how you are feeling!

essa stessa said...

thanks a lot for your comment
i would love to see your photos , brooklyn is absolutly great and amazing ; it seem so different like in another city ,i wish one day know more the brooklyn's soul ...

agnes said...

I always feel the same in the beginning of a new year. you know, it seems like i have a lot of time in hand, but it's actually not! See how fast time ran away in last yr?

But i have been trying to make up a timetable for myself, just to motivate myself a bit. Perhaps you can do the same too?